Market & Competitive Intelligence Research Assistance

Are you interested in exporting or selecting a new market for your products? Have you considered sourcing products for your company? What are your competitors doing? The World Trade Center St. Louis can provide targeted industry and market research so you can strategically plan your next steps.

World Trade Center St. Louis’ Trade Services Department conducts both domestic primary research and secondary international market research for its members. From customized market research reports to competitor analysis, our professionals investigate your international business questions to meet your company’s needs.

The World Trade Center uses its global network to conduct surveys and interviews unique to your company’s needs. Our extensive global network allows us to access proprietary databases, industry-related reports and Web sites to collect data and trade statistics for every customized project. The end result is a useful, easy-to-understand deliverable that can be implemented immediately to fulfill your international business objectives.

Because international business occurs 24/7, the Trade Services Department offers to outfit you with the tools to conduct self-directed, around-the-clock research assistance so you stay connected and current on international trade issues. This service provides access to useful databases and acts as a portal to other trade-related Web sites. Members can access specialized trade tools to find answers whenever needed.

Other tools include:
• The guide to getting started in exporting/importing
• The guide to start your own market research
• Service providers directory
• Trade leads portal
• Regulatory bulletins

For more information about the databases the World Trade Center St. Louis uses to keep your business up to date on relevant international information feel free to explore the WiserTrade tab to the right. Or visit the Trade Resources section of this Website.