The World Institute for Strategic Economic Research (WISER), was formed July 1, 2004 to continue the international trade data work of its predecessor, MISER, which closed its doors at the University of Massachusetts on June 30th. WISER is located at Holyoke Community College and is part of the College’s new Kittredge Business and Technology Center.

In 1988 MISER was chosen by the US Census Bureau to be one of its first Business and Industry Data Centers with special focus on foreign trade statistics. MISER developed an imputation algorithm to improve newly available Census state export data by SIC industry and also produced online software to make the data more easily accessible. Over the next 16 years MISER became the leading provider of US and state level trade statistics.

WISER continues to provide the same high quality trade statistics, data expertise, and technical support that MISER provided for so many years. WISER makes its trade data available in a variety of formats. Their online database is an invaluable tool for businesses, trade service providers, libraries, universities and other trade data users who want immediate access to the most comprehensive and timely US trade databases available online. For those who need smaller amounts of data on a monthly, quarterly, or as needed basis, we offer standard and customized statistical reports and date files sent via email or fax. WISER trade data specialists can answer your questions and recommend the data series and format that will best suit your needs.