An export is defined as any good or commodity that is transferred from one country to another in a legitimate fashion. The thing that many companies that participate in exporting do not realize is that to export is a privilege, not a right.

The World Trade Center St. Louis attempts to educate its members on the best way to take advantage of the privilege of exporting. From culturally focused programs that center on the best way to export to a specific region, to technical seminars that outline the rules, regulations, and paperwork that lead to successful exporting, and all of the general information in between, World Trade Center St. Louis covers all of the bases when it comes to export education.

Curious about what a typical export program sponsored by the World Trade Center looks like?
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Export Marketing and Sales

The risks of conducting international business are much higher than domestic business deals. Foreign laws and regulations are different; business and marketing practices vary country by country, as do channels of distribution.

Topics Covered:

  • Strategies used by successful exporters to research, enter or expand into foreign markets using vital business information
  • Methodology used to target top foreign markets, prepare export-marketing plans and gather key information
  • How to establish an export sales network of foreign sales agents or distributors
  • How to identify, evaluate, select, train, motivate and manage foreign sales representatives

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