Every nation has rules and regulations that function as a guide for the companies exporting and importing across its borders. Compliance with these policies is essential to success in international trade and violation of these policies can cost your company a great deal of time and money. World Trade Center St. Louis provides educational programs that are designed to explain the complex world of compliance and all of the barriers it may create for your company’s international department.

Educational programs cover a variety of topics, including abiding by and understanding foreign trade agreements, specific export and import controls and documentation procudures, good specfic compliance practices, and explaining updates and modifications to compliance rules as they are introduced.

International trade is a complex and lucrative endeavor and as with any worthwhile enterprise, a good deal of effort must be exerted to capitalize on its profits. Allow the World Trade Center St. Louis to use compliance to help turn your international trade into a competitive advantage.

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Export Controls & Compliance
Building an Internal Export Compliance & Auditing
Procedures Program