Szczecin, Poland


Who We Are


The St. Louis-Szczecin Sister City affiliation was formed in October, 1992. the Committee strives to provide a vehicle for exchanges between the people of Szczecin and the people of St. Louis in the fields of education, culture, commerce, sports, conservation, science, technology, medicine and municipal administration.


Situated in the northwest region of Poland, Szczecin sits at the point where the Oder River joins the Baltic Sea. Because of its prime location, Szczecin has been a junction for major European transit routes for centuries. The city is the capital of the newly declared Western Pomeranian Province, one which came into being as the result of the recent reform of the national administration. Szczecin remains only 7 kilometers from the German border, 65 kilometers from the Baltic Sea, and 130 kilometers from Berlin, Germany. 420,000 Polish-speaking residents claim Szczecin as home.


Economy and Industry

Shipyards, transport, wood and furniture, food processing, electric products and machinery, re-loading chemicals, along with telecommunications are major industries of Szczecin. The production of beer, bakery products, pig iron and ferro alloys is also characteristic of the city. The shipyard industry is dominant, however, and the largest employer is Szczecin Shipyard. 97.8% of companies are privately owned. The city’s steady growth, along with its increasing exports, large domestic market and liberalizing economy all combine to the advantage of the city toward the likelihood of attracting investment opportunities. Szczecin authorities actively encourage foreign investments. The new currency law is one of the marked recent changes, a movement which had greatly liberalized foreign exchange for the region.



Szczecin is currently involved in improving its transport system, such as constructing new express roads, such as the A3 motorway. The development of the maritime economy is also a current work in progress for the city. Its proximity to the coast and to major European and Scandinavian locations makes Szczecin suitable for the development of tourism.

Szczecin – St. Louis Sister Cities Committee offers:

• Business development
• Business networking
• Business internship exchanges
• Student exchanges
• Cultural exchanges

Contact information:

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Committee Membership is:

Individual $15
Family $25
Student $10
Supporting Patron $50
Corporation $100