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Brčko is a city in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina, administrative seat of the Brčko District. It lies on the country’s border along the Sava river across from Gunja, Croatia. Its name is very likely linked to the Breuci, an Illyrian tribe inhabiting the area in antiquity. Brčko has the largest port in Bosnia, on the Sava river. It is also home to an economics faculty and to a rather important theater festival.

Brčko was a geographic point of contention in 1996 when the U.S.-led Implementation Forces (IFOR) built McGovern Base on the outskirts of the city. McGovern Base as it is known was built in the (Zone of Separation) ZOS for the purpose of establishing peacekeeping operations, specifically between Muslims in Gornji Rahić near Brka and Serbs in Brčko. The district was awarded special multi-ethnic status as the “Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, operating on a self-governing basis.

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The Sister City relationship with Brčko was formalized with St. Louis City and County in 2008 to collaborate for the mutual benefit of their communities by exploring educational, economic and cultural opportunities.

With the formation of the relationship the St. Louis-Brĉko Sister Cities Committee is forming an all-volunteer organization to represent Greater St. Louis in all ongoing cultural exchange and economic development with the Brčko.



Ibrahim Vajzovic, President: [email protected]

Committee Membership:

Annual Membership in the St. Louis-Brĉko Sister Cities Committee is:
Individual $15
Family $25
Student $10
Supporting Patron $50
Corporation $100