Rosario, Argentina


Who We Are     

In November of 2017, representatives from St. Louis traveled to Rosario to sign official documents uniting the two cities. Sister Cities International was formed in 1956 to create global relationships based on cultural, educational, information and trade exchanges.


St. Louis has an active and engaged Argentine community. Rosario and St. Louis share strong arts, financial, trade, and bio-research/agricultural interests. Both are port cities. Our mission is to further strengthen ties through community activities, educational and cultural exchange programs, and business-to-business connections.


Located on the banks of the Parana River, 186 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, Rosario is a bustling port city of over 1 million. It is the largest city in Santa Fe province and the third largest in Argentina. Rosario is noted for is neoclassic architecture juxtaposed with it’s stunningly modern buildings. The city center is alive with theaters, pedestrian malls, restaurants, museums, and parks popular with families and cyclists. Recent redevelopment of the port area has made it a vibrant night scene with discos, bars and restaurants. Sightseeing cruises, kayaking and picnicking are popular along the river and delta islands. A national monument on the riverbank marks the site where the Argentine flag was first flown.


Rosario’s location puts it in the heart of the major industrial and agricultural corridor of Argentina. It is both a port city and a major railway terminus. Major exports include wheat, vegetable oils, corn, sugar, lumber and Argentina’s famous beef. Rosario’s financial/banking district is populated by representatives from the world’s major financial institutions.


With over 80,000. students enrolled in it’s 10 public and 7 private universities, Rosario is an important education center in Argentina. Argentine cultural exchange students may be found in all the major universities in St. Louis.


Rosario boasts many cultural centers, libraries, parks, statues, landmark buildings, History and Science Museums, a Planetarium and Observatory, Cathedrals, theaters and more than 10 art museums with works ranging from indigenous  to modern. From race tracks to the tango, Rosario culture is front and center with any visit!


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