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Who We Are:

Representatives from St. Louis, Missouri, USA and from Stuttgart, capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, met on March 10, 1960 to sign official documents uniting St. Louis and Stuttgart in a sister city relationship and committing each to ongoing activities, which encourage people-to-people and government-to-government interaction.

An international and a civic organization, St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities, Inc. functions as a civic as well as an international organization, keeping a high profile in the St. Louis community by participating in local ceremonies, conventions, parades and festivals. The organization is united with St. Louis’ other sister city groups and international associations through the office of the St. Louis Center for International Relations.

Our Mission: 

St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities fosters cooperation and promotes mutual understanding through a variety of special cultural, social, economic, and sporting events. Along with many activities, members can meet Stuttgart visitors and provide St. Louis

1960-2020 Celebrating 60 Years as Sister Cities

Since 1960 the St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities has enjoyed a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with Stuttgart, Germany.
Over the past sixty years, numerous exchanges between our two great cities have included: business and government leaders, medical professionals, high school and university students and faculty, choral groups, chamber musicians, ballet troupes, orchestras, and athletes. Our programs are driven by business and community interests, enthusiasm and financial support through fundraisers and a strong, committed membership base.


Stuttgart is the economic, cultural, sporting and social hub of a region in the heart of Europe with more than 2.5 million inhabitants. Even as visitors come in to land at Stuttgart International Airport, they will be impressed by a fascinating landscape consisting of mountains, woods, vineyards, gardens, meadows and fields. Woods account for almost a quarter of the entire city area. The state capital of Baden-Württemberg is a cultural attraction that extends beyond regional borders. The State Art Gallery, Bach Academy, Opera House and Ballet Company as well as the musical hall with the world hit “CATS”, the Theatre House and Friedrichsbau Varieté are symbols of the cultural diversity of the city of Stuttgart. Stuttgart and the surrounding region offer something for everyone the whole year round. It’s worth making a trip because there is always something to see and do in Southern Germany.

In the News

STL woman honored by German-American society (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Annual Sister Cities Conference in Stuttgart, November 2012

Annual Sister Cities Conference in Stuttgart, November 2012

St. Louis – Stuttgart Sister Cities Inc. offers:

• Business development
• Business networking
• Business internship exchanges
• Student exchanges
• Cultural exchanges



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