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Who We Are:


The Sister City relationship with Samara Russia was formalized with St. Louis County in 1992 at the prompting of educators at SIU Edwardsville and Webster University that were traveling to Samara to teach at Samara State University.

With the formation of the relationship the Greater St. Louis – Samara Sister City Committee was formed as an all-volunteer organization to represent Greater St. Louis in all ongoing cultural exchange and economic development with the Russian Sister City.

Today, the Greater St. Louis – Samara Sister Cities Committee works diligently with hospitals, universities, and regional municipalities and businesses to further promote St. Louis’ ties to Russia.



Samara, formerly Kuybyshev, is the capital of its region in Russia. Because it sits on the banks of the Volga and Samara rivers, it is a major river port and rail center. Samara has established itself as a home for US, German, Swiss and French investments including Delphi Automotive, Pepsi, Coca- Cola, Nestle and Danone.

Samara was founded in 1586 as a Muscovite stronghold to defend the Volga trade route and Russia’s eastern frontier.
The USSR transferred its central government to Kuybyshev during World War II, which increased the city’s population and city limits.

Samara is seeking to secure itself a promising future as a center for Western capital and attract more foreign funds to one of Russia’s most pro-business regions. The wealthy Samara oblast wishes to leverage its locally mined gold to develop Samara’s aeronautics, automotive and foodstuffs industries.

In the News 

Our goal is to promote Russian culture in St. Louis (Optima Study, International Education & Languages No.6 September/October 2012, pg 55-56)

St. Louis – Samara Sister Cities Committee offers:

• Business development
• Business networking
• Business internship exchanges
• Student exchanges
• Cultural exchanges

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[email protected]

Committee Membership:

Annual Membership in the St. Louis-Brĉko Sister Cities Committee is:
Individual $15
Family $25
Student $10
Supporting Patron $50
Corporation $100

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