Local Organizations

University of Missouri-St. Louis – Center for International Studies (UM-STLOUIS – CIS)
Telephone: (314) 516-5753
Dr. Joel Glassman, Associate Provost
Jenny Bazzetta, Coordinator, International Programs, [email protected]

The Center for International Studies works with economic development agencies to promote international trade and development and with world affairs organizations to conduct programs that increase public understanding of world cultures and international affairs. The resource collection housed in the CIS provides materials to teachers statewide to enhance global education in pre-collegiate schools and the German Culture Center offers programs in German studies to the campus and community. The endowed professorships in Greek, Irish, Japanese, Chinese and African studies are nationally innovative programs for linking local communities to global issues. Finally, the Center for International Studies includes study abroad coordination of 70+ programs and the Office of International Student Services.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis (HCCSTL)
Telephone: (314) 771-4788
Jorge Riopedre, Executive Director
[email protected]

The mission of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis is to promote the economic development of Hispanic firms and Hispanic Persons at a domestic and international level, as well as to serve as a link to non-Hispanic rganizations. It involves itself within the community through providing and generating services which will: 1) Foster the business interests of the Hispanic entrepreneur 2) Amplify the presence of the Hispanic entrepreneur 3) Ensure the creation and maintenance of a business cross-reference network 4) Function as an effective, domestic/international exchange liaison.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville – International Trade Center, (SIUE-ITC)
Telephone: (618) 650-2452
Silvia Torres, Director, [email protected]

The International Trade Center at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is one of the five trade centers located throughout Illinois. A company can benefit from many of our services including individual export consulting and an assessment of a firm’s export readiness, international market research to help identify key overseas opportunities, and the identification of potential foreign buyers, agents and/or distributors through trade leads. Export finance assistance is also available as well as access to ther state and federal international trade agencies and private organizations in their international network.

Missouri District Export Council (MODEC)
Telephone: (314) 425.3308
Jeff Melly, Chairman
Deepak Vyas, Vice Chairman
William Profilet, Secretary
Mike Burke, Treasurer

The Missouri District Export Council (MODEC) is one of 56 District Export Councils (DECs) throughout the nation affiliated with the U.S. Department of Commerce. The DECs are non-profit, non-political service organizations consisting of a network of volunteers representing business, government and academia. The MODEC Board is a group of individuals appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to assist small and medium size businesses in developing export programs. There are a number of volunteers who devote their time to helping others. Their combined expertise covers virtually every aspect needed to operate an international business. Members provide information to help a company develop an international program free of charge.

Saint Louis University – Boeing Institute of International Business (SLU-BIIB)
Telephone: (314) 977-3898
Dr. Seung Kim, Director
Karen Carpentier, Assistant Director, Special Events and Newsletter, [email protected]

Established in 1984, the Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University’s School of Business and Administration provides academic and professional programs in international business. Academic programs include an international business major at the undergraduate level, an International Option of the MBA, an Executive Master of International Business, and a Ph.D. program. Professional programs include an annual international business conference, a Distinguished Guest Lecture Series, international business executive forums, and an annual awards ceremony. Additionally, the Institute provides a research center and a newsletter issued three times per year.

State of Missouri, Department of Economic Development (MO-DED)
Telephone: (573) 751-4855 or (888) 690-4855

The goal of the Missouri Department of Economics Development’s Office of International Marketing is to enhance the competitive position of Missouri’s corporate community and expand job opportunities by increasing the exports of Missouri industrial, commercial or manufactured goods and services. MO-OIM provides a number of programs designed to assist Missouri businesses to increase their annual sales. These services include: advocacy, international sales counseling, marketing, market research, export finance, international trade shows, catalog shows and materials distribution, agent/distributor search, customized company missions, international trade leads, foreign trade missions and any specific service requested by a Missouri firm. MO-OIM operates overseas offices providing Missouri companies access to contacts and sales leads around the world. MO-OIM’s overseas office network includes Ghana, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, and Mexico, with branch offices in Germany, Chile, Brazil, and Thailand, respectively. Our professional staff can help take the fear and uncertainty out of global marketing.

St. Louis Community College (SLCC)
Telephone: (314) 539-5345

St. Louis Community College is a two-year public institution with three main campuses and several training facilities throughout St. Louis City and County. Annually, the College enrolls 30,000 students in credit programs and an additional 80,000 students in customized training and continuing education programs. With a staff of 3400 full-time and part-time employees, St. Louis Community College offers 96 Associate Degree programs and a variety of other Certificates of Proficiency programs. Over the past ten years, SLCC has designed and delivered international programs that complement its community-based missions. Programs are designed to provide significant benefits to both participants and the St. Louis education, business, and other sectors of the broader St. Louis community. The College has completed more than $2 million in contract international programming over the past three fiscal years. The International Education Department draws upon the vast resources of the college and community to deliver its programs.

St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association (RCGA)
Telephone: (314) 444-1139

The St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association is the regional chamber and economic development organization serving the Greater St. Louis region. Its top priorities are to increase trade activity in foreign markets, to spur further foreign investment in the local region, and to foster the development of resources and partnerships to enhance the region’s position as a leading international center. The RCGA serves as a one-stop shop, providing a direct link to the information, contacts, programs and resources designed specifically to assist businesses in locating or expanding in the Greater St. Louis region.

U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC)
Telephone: (314) 425-3302
Cory Simek, Director, [email protected]
John Blum, International Finance Specialist – SBA, [email protected]
Margaret Gottlieb, International Trade Specialist, [email protected]
Chris Poli, International Trade Specialist, [email protected]
Kristi Wiggins, International Trade Specialist, [email protected]

The U.S. Export Assistance Center offers a full range of federal programs and services to assist Missouri and Southern Illinois companies expand market opportunities abroad. The Commercial Service maintains approximately 170 offices in 70 countries located within the American Embassies and Consulates and 73 U.S. cities. All export programs are designed to help small and medium-sized companies. Clients of the USEAC receive assistance by professionals from the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Marketing assistance is provided by the Specialists of the DOC in areas of finding and working with foreign distributors, foreign market entry strategies, export pricing strategies, foreign business etiquette, guidance on intellectual property law, and current import requirements and restrictions in other markets. Our extensive network allows us to receive up-to-date information affecting how you do export business from our colleagues around the world. Other programs offered at the USEAC include the Export Working Capital Program (EWCP) to provide the working capital a firm needs to complete its export sales.

Washington University in St. Louis, (WUSTL)
Telephone: (314) 935-9032
Kay Henry, Assoc. Dean & Director of Executive MBA Programs, Olin School of Business, [email protected]

As a top tier business school, Olin seeks to prepare the future generation of business leaders who will require a thorough knowledge and understanding of international issues in order to be successful in an increasingly complex and competitive playing field. Such websterpreparation will be crucial for any company’s sustained success in the future. Today’s managers face a variety of issues in a rapidly changing environment. Such issues can range from currency exchange in Latin America, to supply chain management in China, to brand management in India. The CEL seeks to address these issues and help prepare students to make an immediate impact and contribution through their careers. Through class work, special programs, internships, practicums, and conferences, our world-renowned faculty and strategic business partners prepare the international business leaders of tomorrow.

Webster University – International Programs (WEBSTER)
Telephone: (314) 246-7881
Grant Chapman, MA, JD, Associate VP for Academic Affairs, [email protected]
Guillermo A. Rodriguez, Director, International Projects, [email protected]

World Affairs Council of St. Louis (WAC)
Telephone: (314) 727-9988
Robert Fischer, Executive Director, [email protected]

The World Affairs Council of St. Louis is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging international awareness, understanding, and education in both public and private sectors of the community. The Council provides forums for community involvement and debate on international issues and promotes dialogue and cultural exchange between its citizens and the world. We plan informative events ranging from business breakfasts and formal dinners to wine tasting and academic roundtables. In addition to its many cultural and political programs, the World Affairs Council also manages the International Visitor Program. Our members have the opportunity to meet both professionally and socially with foreign nationals from around the world, and stay informed about the latest global developments in premier international publications with member-discounted subscriptions to several publications.

World Trade Center St. Louis (WTC)
Telephone: (314) 615-8141
Tim J. Nowak, Executive Director, [email protected]
Jie Fan, Administration, [email protected]
Sean Mullins, Director, Trade Services, [email protected]
Ana Romero-Lizana, Director, International Business Development, [email protected]
Stella Sheehan, Director, Programs & Training, [email protected]

World Trade Center St. Louis is a client service organization dedicated to providing a continuum of high quality products and services to the private sector to facilitate global growth and enhance competitiveness. World Trade Center St. Louis is certified as one of the top 10 percent of World Trade Centers globally. Award-winning services include international marketing research, business-to-business matchmaking, briefings and events. Use our interactive web site (www.worldtradecenter-stl.com) to access our services.