Date: January 19, 2024
Time: 12:00 am  to  12:00 am

The President’s “E” Award was created by Executive Order of the President to afford suitable recognition to persons, firms, or organizations that contribute significantly in the effort to increase United States exports.

The President’s “E Star” Award, which was authorized by the Secretary of Commerce, affords continuing recognition of noteworthy export promotion efforts.

Winners of the “E” and “E Star” Award are authorized to fly the blue and white banner, to display the accompanying certificate of commendation which is signed by the Secretary of Commerce in the name and by the authority of the President, to wear and issue to employees an “E” or “E Star” lapel pin, and to refer to the award in their advertising.

Types of Awards
“E” Awards exist to recognize exporters and organizations that facilitate exporting. Learn more about the three types of “E” Awards below:

President’s “E” Award for Exports is awarded to an exporting firm or organization that has made significant contributions to the increase of U.S. exports.

President’s “E” Award for Export Service is awarded to a firm or organization that may not export directly, but facilitates the exports of others.

President’s “E Star” Award for Exports or Export Service recognizes continued superior performance in increasing or promoting exports (previous recipients of the President’s “E” Award or “E Star” Award may apply). A maximum of four “E Star” Awards are available, each recognizing a distinct four-year period of export work.

Learn more about the types of “E” Awards, how to apply, and get your questions answered.
For further information, contact:
Laura Barmby
U.S. Commercial Service
Washington, D.C.
E-mail: [email protected]

Deadline to Apply
Applications are due Friday, January 19th, 2024

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