Date: August 8, 2023
Time: 10:00 am  to  5:30 pm

Presented by NASBITE International & the University of Missouri – Columbia

Interested in International Trade and want to better position yourself for employment or career advancement?

Become a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP)                                                                     

STEP 1: Make plans to join us virtually for CGBP Exam Prep Training at the University of Missouri

The NASBITE CGBP credential confirms knowledge in international trade and assures that the individuals that are certified are able to practice global business at the professional level required in today’s competitive environment. The CGBP credential raises the level of practice in the field, provides professional development goals for credential holders, and showcases competency. The NASBITE CGBP certifies that a candidate is competent in the following four area of global trade:

1. Global Business Management
2. Global Marketing
3. Supply Chain Management
4. Trade Finance

Attending this CGBP Exam Prep training, better positions you for success in sitting for and passing the CGBP exam. The training provides a great overview of the core elements of international trade that businesses competing in this environment should be aware of. The CGBP is designed to meet the needs of individuals working in the profession or studying for a career related to global commerce. Candidates from both small and large companies will benefit, as will students in two or four year degree programs. The credential is also suitable for individuals working in trade assistance organizations, trade promotion agencies, and related educational institutions.

Tuesday, August 8 -Thursday, August 10, 2023

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Virtual Connection via Zoom. The training schedule is set to accommodate breaks every hour and an extended lunch time, so that you can maintain focus, and meet outside obligations as needed.

Jim Foley is an expert in international sales and marketing training, and author of “The Global Entrepreneur: Taking Your Business International.” Jim’s experience spans 35-years of marketing, sales, corporate management and small business consulting. Jim currently serves as director of the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship and the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at Bradley University. He is past president of NASBITE International and current national co-chair of the ASBDC International Trade Committee.

$550 per attendee – includes free access to the official CGBP Exam Study Pack ($179 value)

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Jackie Rasmussen – [email protected] Ph. 573-884-5223 (office) or 573-836-0002 (cell)
or Krista Hinrichs – [email protected] Ph. 573-884-7554.

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